Is economic inequality also a literary problem? An international conference on culture, society and economy 

Uppsala 26 - 28 October 2017J

Call for papers

Submission deadline

Submissions of up to 500 words including biographical information should be sent by 1 May 2017 to the conference organisers.

Conference organisers

Robert Appelbaum at and Roberto del Valle Alcalá at

We invite proposals for presentations of up to 20 minutes on literature and theory in any language. The conference language is English. Proposals about any period since 1550 are welcome. We are especially interested in inequality in the context of modern economies, beginning with the Industrial Revolution, and seeing how literature has adapted to changes in productive powers and the distributions of income. We also welcome contributions on subjects related to literature – from film and TV to Internet writing. A limited amount of funding is available for all participants to help cover travel and accommodation costs.

Subtopics may include

 - The Drives and Drivers of Inequality in the Literary Domain
 - Economic Inequality and the Circulation of Objects
 - The Realist Novel and the Demand for Aspiration
 - After Social Democracy
 - Race and Class in Popular Culture
 - Beyond North and South?
 - The Forms of Inequality
 - Extreme Poverty: Literary Representations
 - Theatre and Protest 
 - The Literary Commons and Parallel Economies
 - Shakespeare and Inequality
 - Literature and Social Reform in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
 - Literature and Unremunerated Labour
 - Epic Theatre and Its Social Horizons
 - Gender and Economic Inequality
 - Literary Reviews and the Problem of Inequality 
 - Narratives of Success and Their Discontents
 - Not Everyone Is Getting Poorer: Developing Countries and Their Literature
 - Queer Inequality