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During the conference, in the afternoon the 13th September, a half-day field excursion will be organized to Söderåsens National Park. See web-page for more information about the site (Söderåsens National Park). During the excursion we will see and discuss various methods for restoring temperate broadleaved forests. 
Please read more about Söderåsens National Park here

Friday the 15th of September an optional one-day post-conference excursion to southern Sweden and Denmark will be organized. The bus will depart from Lund in the morning and the end-point of this excursion will be in the afternoon (17:00, 5 pm) at Copenhagen international airport, Denmark. During the excursion we will see and discuss examples of forest landscape restoration of which some are more than 200 years old. Various aspects of restoration such as afforestation, continues cover systems, rehabilitation of native broadleaved forests and the use of exotic- and fast growing tree species will be shown.