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Preliminary program: 3rd Restoring Forest Congress: Regeneration and ecosystem functions for the future


Monday 11th September 2017

18:00-2000. Registration and welcome reception


Tuesday 12th September 2017

Full day indoors




Session 1: Learning from the past

Climate change and tree species diversity through history. Restoring extinct forest tree species and plants. Restoring Pleistocene megafauna. Practical forest restoration success stories in Europe and elsewhere. Reference systems and climate change


Session 2: Ecological knowledge supporting forest restoration

Biodiversity-productivity relationships. Mixed forests. Competition and facilitation. Plant-plant / plant-animal /plant-fungus interactions. Regeneration dynamics and natural regeneration. Eco-techniques for plant protection and establishment. Understanding seedling establishment. Genetics and restoration under global change. Assisted migration.  


Wednesday 13th September 2017

Half-day indoors


Session 3: Advances in restoration and regeneration techniques and systems

Seedling quality. Plant production. Producing stress-tolerant seedlings. Site preparation for restoration. Direct seeding. Natural regeneration. Protection from browsing animals.


13:00-19:00 Field trip to Söderåsens national park


Thursday 14th September 2017

Full day indoors


Session 4: Forest restoration following biotic and abiotic disturbances:

Restoring forests after wind and fire regimes. Large scale forest restoration efforts following pests and diseases. Restoration of forest landscapes following anthropogenic disturbances.


5. Restoring forest landscapes of the future

Integrating socio-ecological dimensions in restoration practice. Assessing the effects of forest restoration. Cost-effective forest restoration. Forest adaptation and restoration. Forest restoration for biodiversity conservation. Retention forestry. Forest policy for restoration


16:15-17:00. Oral communications and final conclusions

17: 15 Departure / post-conference tour


Post-conference tour Friday 15th September

08:00-16:00 Field trip in southern Sweden and in Denmark. Final stop Copenhagen airport.